Falco Gordon motorcycle boots review

Review: Falco Gordon Boots

These are the Gordon Boots from Italian motorcycle footwear specialists Falco. Falco produces everything from full race spec footwear to off-road boots and streetwear styled urban footwear. The Gordon boots are one of the latest additions to the brand’s Heritage collection, a series of classically styled leather boots for riders.

Prior to acquiring these boots, I’d already become well acquainted with the Falco brand. I’ve owned a pair of Falco Aviators, which I wore religiously for years until they were pretty much falling apart. I then gave a set of the Falco Urban range Lennox 2 boots a run for their money and enjoyed both the comfort they offered and the compliments they attracted. But wanting to return to a classic leather boot (and try something new) I decided to give the Falco Gordon Boots a try.

Falco Gordon motorcycle boots review

The Flaco Gordon Boots retail for a touch over $200 USD and come in 3 colourways of black, army brown and army (a light brown/khaki colour). The boots are made using a full-grain oiled leather upper that’s double stitched for strength. For the sole Falco have utilised a “Goodyear” welted high-grip rubber sole with a heel that’s about 1/2 an inch high. The boots are secured using round waxed laces with the top 3 rows secured using speed hooks. Falco has also included an entry zip on the inner ankle of each boot with a velcro tab at the top to secure the zipper in place.

Falco Gordon motorcycle boots

Additional features of the Flaco Gordon boots are an integrated “High-Tex” membrane. This is a waterproof membrane between the leather outer and padded liner that is tested to EN 13634: 2010 regulations. For those unfamiliar with what that means (like me), it relates to the boots ability keep water out for 100 steps with the water level 5mm above the sole. The Gordon boots are also CE safety rated thanks to ABS reinforced ankle cup inserts.

I went with the army brown colourway to make a change from all the black riding gear I tend to gravitate towards. This version uses tan coloured leather with darker areas on the toe and heel that give the boots a classic look. I’ve found the leather to be soft and supple, requiring little wear to break-in. Due to the soft finish of the leather, it does tend to mark fairly easily. If this bothers you they do come good again with an occasional clean and wax. Alternatively, if you’re not into shoe maintenance these boots will take on a nice patina over a short period of time that adds to their classic worker boot styling.

Falco Gordon motorcycle boots review

The combination of the laces with speed hooks and side zippers make the Gordon boots quick and easy to get on and off. Once you have the laces done how you like – there’s no need to ever undo them again. I simply unhook the first couple of rows of laces and drop the zipper to slide them off. As for comfort, the boots fit true to size and sit very well on motorcycle footpegs thanks to the heel. You do get some vibration through the sole, but no more than any other boots I’ve owned. As you’d expect from a sole with this pattern, once you put a foot down is exceptional in all conditions.

My only gripe with the Falco Gordon boots is the thin inner sole they come with. I tend to add gel insert soles to all my footwear so this may just be a personal preference rather than something that would affect everyone.

Falco Gordon motorcycle boots review

I’m yet to fully test the boots ability to stave off the water. The sealed liner beneath the zipper tells me they would do a decent job of it, but the lining around the tongue doesn’t extend to the very top of the boot. I’d be hesitant wearing them on a very wet day, but they’d probably hold up if you were caught in a sudden downpour thanks to the incorporation of the High-Tex membrane inside the liner.

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Falco Gordon motorcycle boots review