Subscription boxes for motorcyclists

Subscription Boxes for Motorcyclists

The subscription box business model has been around for a few years now. The basic concept is that for a set fee each month subscribers receive a random range of gear related to a personal interest. It’s a great way to discover new products and save some money since the contents of each box are generally of a higher value than the monthly payment. It’s a concept that’s proven very popular in niches like women’s makeup and homewares. Recently however a friend introduced us to Biker Gear Club. At Biker Gear Club they offer subscription boxes for motorcyclists. After discovering they offered a subscription box aimed at vintage & cafe racer riders we ordered a couple to check out for ourselves.

Biker Gear Club

Subscription Box Options

Like most subscription box services Biker Gear Club offers several different subscription options to choose from. Firstly, they have designed 4 different categories tailored to different riders. These are Sport & Street Riders, Standard & Cruiser Riders, Vintage & Cafe Racer Riders, and Adventure & Dirt Bikers. Once you select a category you can then choose from two frequency options of either monthly or quarterly. The monthly boxes contain fewer items (3 to 6) while the quarterly comes with between 7 to 12 items. After choosing your preferred frequency you then provide basic information so Biker Gear Club knows what to send you. This includes your clothing sizes, if you’re male or female, what color gear you prefer, and if your tool preference is metric or standard.

To then customize your boxes further you can choose from 3 different box content styles. The Lifestyle option will contain items such as apparel, gear, decals, and reading material. The Clean option is more focused on products aimed at maintaining your motorcycle and Combo is a balanced mix of the two. There’s also an option to have one of your yearly boxes contain items for performing a standard oil change and service.

Biker Gear Club

Subscription boxes for motorcyclists

What’s inside the box?

What makes Biker Gear Club unique is that you can choose what type of subscription box you’d like to receive. This means that every box is tailored towards the subscriber.  Based on our experience and the example images on their website these are the kind of things you can expect to receive.

Lifestyle products: Apparel and accessories such as hats, socks and t-shirts, badges, decals, magazines, and homewares (i.e. mugs).

Riding Gear: Smaller gear items such as gloves and goggles, face masks and neck tubes. As well as useful motorcycle accessories like moto phone mounts.

Tools & parts: Basic servicing tools, small motorcycle tool kits, bike accessories (i.e. grips) and specialty tools.

Everyday Carry:  Pocket knives and multi-tools, wallets, key chains, etc.

Motorcycle maintenance goods: Cleaning products and basic servicing consumables.

Subscription boxes for motorcyclists

Biker Gear Club value for money

Biker Gear Club works with a wide range of brands in the motorcycle industry to curate their subscription boxes. By buying in bulk they are able to offer subscribers great value so you can expect to receive items that are at least double the value of your subscription fee. For the purpose of our review, we ordered 2 different boxes. One Monthly and the other quarterly. Here’s what they each contained.

Monthly box: Our monthly Vintage & Cafe Racer box (shown above) arrived containing 7 different items. These included a trucker style cap, a pair of riding gloves, a small leather satchel, a long-sleeved tee, a set of decals, some leather conditioning spray and a set of motorcycle grips. This option retails for $69 USD per month and we calculated the retail value to be approx $205 USD.

Quarterly box: The quarterly box contained these 12 items. A jacket pin and several different decals, a trucker cap, riding gloves, 3/8 ratchet spanner, pocket knife, face mask, leather conditioner, magazine, decal set, a tank bag, and a set of motorcycle grips. The quarterly boxes retail for $169 USD (per quarter) and our calculated retail value was around $355 USD.

Subscription boxes for motorcyclists

Biker Gear Club

Why subscribe?

The biggest issue with subscription boxes is that they are a lucky dip system. This means that you won’t always get products that appeal to you. Biker Gear Club strives to get around this through their tailored box approach. While this helps to reduce the number of redundant items to a bare minimum, there’s always a chance you’ll get something that isn’t quite right for you. For us, that meant we had a few gifts ready for when our mates have birthdays while still being left with plenty of cool new gear for ourselves.

With boxes designed to appeal to riders of different styles, a Biker Gear Club subscription is a great way to get some fresh riding gear, level up your tool kit and add cool moto-inspired style to your wardrobe. Biker Gear Club also allows you to subscribe for a friend or loved one making it an ideal gift for motorcyclists.


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