Gear Review – Ideas Motors mobile app

If you’re anything like me you’re always looking for ways to spend more time on or around motorcycles. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group ride, an exhibition or a race event, as long as motorcycles are involved I know it’ll be a good time. The only thing that holds me back from attending more events is knowing where and when they are taking place. This becomes even more of an issue when I’m traveling to a different city or country. Thankfully there’s now a mobile app designed to feed my two-wheeled habit.

‘Ideas Motors’ pulls together details of motorcycle related events and displays them in a handy app you can install on your Android or IOS mobile device. Using your current geo-location Ideas Motors can quickly display a list of upcoming events in your vicinity. The results include all the events within a 250km radius of your current location that are happening within the next 12 months. You can then choose to view the results in a chronological list or on a map so you can plan your route getting there.

Ideas Motors mobile app

Clicking through to an event listing will show you the basic event information, its address, and date. You’ll also find a link to the event’s website (if there is one) and tools for adding it to your favorites or sharing it with friends. If you’re planning on hosting your own event you can also add it to the app so motorcycle enthusiasts in your area can find it in their searches.

Ideas Motors mobile app

The best feature of the app though is its trip planning feature. If, for example, you’ve got a trip to London at the end of this month. Set your location to London, set the dates of your trip and choose the distance you’d like the events to be within (either 50km or 100km radius). Choose to view the results as a list or on a map and after a short load time, all the events taking place during your visit are listed. As you can see the Bike Shed Show is happening during those dates so you’d be a fool not to head there for the day!

Ideas Motors mobile app

Right now the app developers state that there are over 20,000 events listed. Ideas Motors is available to download (IOS / Android) now and currently covers most of the EU and the USA. For non-English speakers (Parlez-vous français?) the app also caters for all languages in the EU and best of all, it’s free.