Ritmo Sereno street legal Guzzi

It seems that Ritmo Sereno CEO, Shiro Nakajima can’t give up the idea of riding his Ambassador Guzzi to work everyday as well as on the race track. Earlier this year the Ritmo Sereno team reworked the Guzzi to further improve it’s track readiness and now Shiro has added a series of removable components that allow him to swap the bike between race and road spec with relative ease.

To meet Japanese road registration requirements the V7 Guzzi needed the standard safety equipment added. A set of low profile indicators and an LED tail light and number plate holder have been mounted with single fasteners and basic electrical connectors for easy removal/attachment. There’s an H4 Bates headlight that sits snuggly between the forks during street use and can be swapped for a number plate when out on the track.

The large single tacho and lap recorder that sat on the Guzzi earlier this year have both been replaced with an LED speedo and the whole electrical system is charged by an alternator transplanted from a mini. To keep the roar of the Guzzi’s race ready motor at a legally acceptable level a baffle was fabricated which like the other additions to the bike can be removed with the turn of a single bolt.

The decision to turn your everyday ride into a race bike is for some not an option. For someone like Shiro though you would expect him to have several bikes to choose from, it’s obvious though that Shiro  isn’t about to sacrifice the enjoyment he gets from riding his Ambassador on the streets of Tokyo…and who could blame him?

You can read more about the Ambassadors race transformation here on Bike Exif or check it out on the Ritmo Sereno website.