Southsiders MC at the Goodwood Vintage Revival

There are three automotive events I have on my bucket list. If I make it to each of them before my time is up I will die a happy man. What are they? The Yokohama Mooneyes Hot Rod custom showBonneville Speedweek and the Goodwood Vintage Revival. Two of the three have already passed this year and I don’t think I’ll be making it to Japan in December so no dying for me just yet. I can however enjoy each event through the stories, photographs and videos of those lucky enough to attend.

The guys at Southsiders Motorcycle Club have just arrived home after attending this years Goodwood Vintage Revival (lucky sods) and it looked nothing short of AMAZING. The festival is renowned for being one of the worlds biggest gatherings of classic and vintage motor vehicles and this year was no exception. This year over 150,000 participants were in attendance during the 3 day event to display their classic and vintage automobiles, motorbikes and airplanes.

Being a UK vintage event also means there were plenty of old and new Ton Up boys in attendance with some outstanding Cafe Racers on display.



The Southsiders have pretty much summed the event up on their Blog:

“Located in the beautiful countryside of West Sussex region in the south of England, the Goodwood circuit hosted last week-end the most important vintage reunion of the world. Belonging to Lord March (March GP team), motor racing enthusiast, the Goodwood complex is a perfect place for the thirteenth edition of the Goodwood Vintage Revival…thousands of cars, hundreds of motorbikes and scooters, fifty historic planes, a dozen Spitfires and a Lancaster fortress flying over our heads while supercars and bikes were racing on the track. Hundreds of vintages stores, and a wall of Death.”



I went through and picked out these shots you see here as a few of my personal favorites. There are some 250+ more photographs from the Goodwood Vintage Revival which will be going up over the next few days. Jump over to the Southsiders Motorcycle Club site now for more.