six one exhibition

SIX ONE – Aussie Custom Automotive

I’m proud to call Australia home and it’s because of my love for this big hot island down under that I’ve teamed up with Luke Ray from Fuel Tank to create a very special, Aussie-centric event. SIX ONE is a new custom automotive exhibition set to take place in Melbourne on April 27, 2019. More art exhibition than auto expo, SIX ONE will offer a unique snapshot of the world-class talent and skill of Australia’s incredible custom builders.

The SIX ONE exhibition is designed to showcase the skill and passion of individuals in the Australian custom scene and will include 30 custom cars and 30 motorcycles from all walks of the Aussie custom scene. SIX ONE has no rules or regulations governing what style or genre of vehicle can be submitted. This means the show will include everything from cafe racers to survivor choppers, drift cars, hot rods, race-bred beasts, and classic Aussie muscle cars.

Right now we are accepting vehicle submissions via the SIX ONE website so if you have a vehicle of your own or want to recommend one hit the button below.


six one exhibition

SIX ONE will take place on the 27th April 2019 at the Seaworks Maritime Precinct in Williamstown, Victoria. For more information visit the website, follow the Instagram account or join the facebook event.


six one exhibition

Special thanks to our sponsors Ryno Insurance and Antique Tyres. And to our media partners Speedhunters and Pipeburn.