Roads We Ride Kangaroo Valley

Roads We Ride – The Kangaroo Valley

Rich in wildlife and beautiful scenery the Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales is one of Australia’s hidden gems. Divided by the Kangaroo River, the valley also offers some of the states best riding roads. In the next collaboration with Stories of Bike and Transport for NSW, we join Dan on his custom 2000 Kawasaki ZX12 as he explains the experience of riding this special place.

After moving to the valley from Sydney, Dan regularly rides the valleys winding and sometimes unpredictable roads. The ride is often fraught with surprises like wildlife and plant material on the road. Unsealed edges and narrow sections that have to be shared with oncoming traffic are other considerations that all riders need to make as they venture into the valley. In this episode, Dan walks us through a few of his own techniques for safely navigating the Kangaroo Valley whilst still getting the most out of this picturesque region of Australia.

Ride to Live.