Roads We Ride video

Roads We Ride – Commuting in Sydney


Despite the challenges of riding in and around traffic, commuting can be enjoyable on two wheels and as Jimi says it’s the perfect way to clear your mind and simply focus on your surroundings.

Ride to live.

Roads We Ride video

The Roads We Ride series continues this year with more insights into some of Sydney’s best-known riding roads and how to safely navigate them. This time around rather than heading out into the countryside we tag along with Jimi Swan on his Royal Enfield 500 during his ride to and from work.

Jimi lives in Sydney’s northern suburbs and like many riders around the world commutes to work through heavy and often unpredictable traffic. If you’re a daily commuter, you understand exactly how challenging this can be. Staying alert and being aware of what’s going around you is essential for a safe journey. Take a look at the video (above) to hear Jimi’s approach.