Return of the Cafe Racers - Stronger – The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Stronger – The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Each year more than 100,000 riders gather at 650 locations around the world to ride as one. The majority of them ride classically styled or custom motorcycles and all of them are dressed to impress, or as the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride calls it ‘Riding Dapper’. Anyone that’s taken part in the event knows how much fun it is. Riding with a large group who are all dressed to the nines attracts a lot of attention. The excitement amongst the riders is infectious and it’s a great way to get to know other motorcyclists in your hometown. There’s much more to the DGR than good times on two wheels though. The DGR is a fundraising event created by Sydney Rider Mark Hawwa and his goal is to raise funds and awareness for some very important men’s health issues.


In support of the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride Cam Elkins, the man behind the award-winning ‘Stories of Bike‘ series created the video ‘Stronger’. Stronger is the story of Chris Livett who struggled through both depression and prostate cancer. It’s a story that every man should hear and a sobering reminder of why this incredible fundraising event is so important.

This year the DGR raised over 6 million USD. There were 114,702 registered riders in over 600 cities. That’s more than ten times the number who took part in the first DGR ride back in 2013. The funds raised by the DGR are distributed in collaboration with the Movember Foundation to research programs and support organisations around the globe. These programs focus on two main men’s health issues; prostate cancer and suicide prevention. Both are subjects that often go unspoken between men despite the prevalence of both.

If you’d like to take part in the 2019 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and help raise funds towards these important causes visit the DGR website for details.


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