Dirt Quake 2 video

The official film of Dirt Quake II. “A global gathering of crackpot riders flat track racing the most inappropriate bikes, plus Davros, Lord of the Daleks. The event was co-organised by Sideburn magazine and the Dirt Track Riders Association, held at the Norfolk Arena, England on 8 June 2013. Check out the video after the jump…

‘Dirt Quake is Sideburn magazine’s Day at the Races,’ says Dan Walsh, Their ‘Go Fast, Turn Left’ celebration of the can be arsed. Their ‘It aint what you ride, it’s the way you ride it’ manifesto featuring three democratic, open to all comers classes for street trackers, inappropriate road bikes and, hell yeah, choppers.’ 

Dirt Quake mixes the top and bottom dirt track racing, peculiarly British cabaret, bike culture and music in a way that has never been seen in Europe.


sideburnmagazine.com     |     Filmed and edited by iron-bird.co.uk