Deus Bali Dress Up Drags

Those crazy kids at Deus Canggu (Bali, Indonesia) sure know how to have a good time! Last week the Deus crew hosted the fourth installment of their annual ‘Dress Up Drags’. Costumes were worn, drags were won (and lost) and a very special guest came along for the ride. Check out these great shots and video from the day…

Charley Boorman aka ‘Evil Knievel’

The tri-fecta of birthdays that started this little soiree four years ago are still there but like a lot of things the Dress Up Drags has taken on a life of it’s own. To say this one was bigger and better that those before is fundamentally correct but each has been unique and they tend to deny comparison. One thing they’ve all had in common though is that it’s always been a great day at the races.


Now if all of this madness and mayhem wasn’t enough, we were also as pleased as punch to have a surprise guest. He’s a guy that regularly does over 100,000km’s a year on two wheels, today he was coming to play and he’d brought his own TV crew. Charley Boorman, who just happened to be in town to do a show about biking, heard about this little rice paddy ritual and had turned up, all dressed up as if he was Evil Knievel. This would be interesting.


“As if on cue a wheel stand went wide on the uneven surface spilling the rider onto the track and the bike into the crowd. No serious injuries were had and our paramedics were on hand.”

If you find yourself in Bali anytime be sure to drop by the Deus ‘Temple of Enthusiasm’ in Canggu. The foods great, the beers are cold, the bikes are amazing and the atmosphere is addictive.