Cafe Racer Clubs

Dime City Cycles are calling out to all Cafe Racer Clubs and enthusiasts around the globe to get involved with the up and coming launch of “Cafe Racer Clubs”. The club will represent a place where all Cafe Racer fans like yourself can find get in touch with other riders or workshops and stay up to date with upcoming events…

“One place where all the cafe racer clubs can get together to share information about their clubs (to promote membership and geographic awareness) and provide easy access, for everyone, to where all the “cafe racer” type events are being held around the globe? History about the 59 Club, features on old clubs from all over the world and the places they gathered, the possibilities are quite endless with the right mix of folks contributing.
A melting pot, if you will, of vintage appreciators sharing about their clubs, events and passions that most importantly gives new-comers a way to connect with the old guys bridging the gap and helping secure a right and true future for diy-real-deal-get-it-done-and-have-fun motorcycle culture.”

If this sounds like your kind of thing, “like” the Cafe Racers Club facebook page now and get ready to get involved.