Race ready 50cc Honda Dream

Back in 2007 I came across a Honda Dream on display in a motorcycle store in Leederville, Western Australia. I asked the sales guy about it and all he had to say was it wasn’t for sale. I promptly headed home to find out everything I could about the tiny Honda Dream and I was hooked.

The Honda Dream is without a doubt the sexiest 50cc motorcycle in the world. Numbers in Australia however were very low as you originally couldn’t register the 50R for road use. In Japan though Honda released the Dream 50 which was a street version of the bike which by all accounts should be street legal here. Today I received images of this HRC race kitted Dream 50 and it got me dreaming (for lack of another word) about owning one again.

Although the Honda Dream 50 looks outstanding straight off the factory floor there’s always room for improvement. This bike has received a full overhaul starting with a freshly powder coated frame and front forks.  The wheels have also been anodised black giving the skinny rubber a bit of a visual boost. Anodised Gold, raw aluminium silver and House of Kolor Kameleon green/bronze/silver complete the paint scheme which ensures this Dream won’t be lacking attention out on the street.

The raw finish aluminium tank and fenders look the part but they also provide huge weight advantages on a motorcycle of this size. Several other aluminium performance parts have also been fitted such as new rear sets and engine covers that believe it or not can account for up to a huge 13kg weight reduction on these bikes. The full race fairing may add a bit of weight back on but it has some aerodynamic benefits along with protecting it’s rider from the elements.

Performance upgrades include 22mm Keihin carbs, steering damper (apparently very effective for 90km/h plus cornering), shortened forks with uprated inner and outer springs and an aluminium rear swing arm. The exhaust is also now a two in to one which must sound amazing as this bike reaches full power. The engine upgrades on this Dream mean that red line is up around the 18,000rpm mark and idle sits at 3500.

So although it’s still only 50cc this Dream is packing some serious punch. If I was to give this little beast a name I’d knock off the Dream and replace it with Grin.

Big thanks to the anonymous post of this little beauty. You made my day!