Minority Customs Cub Green

If you’ve been following Return of the Cafe Racers on Instagram or Facebook you’ll have seen that I recently attended Kustomfest in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The show was awesome with 20,000+ people through the doors and an incredible collection of over 150 unique custom motorcycles on display. The custom scene in Indonesia is thriving and of all the builds on display that excited me the most, it was the small capacity bikes that really blew me away. Small bikes rule the streets of Indo so it’s no wonder they put so much effort into their custom creations and one bike that seems to be a favourite base for customisation is the mighty Honda Cub.


In Surabaya, East Java is the workshop of Minority Custom Motorcycles. A small workshop tucked away in the city where shop owner Jonathan Evan builds, repairs and modifies motorcycles. “I want to create motorcycles that are different, but still clean and elegant.”


“Initially I only wanted to be different from all the other small capacity motorcycles. This Cub was originally built in 1980 as a commuter, but my concept was to blend Cafe Racer, Cub and Scambler styles. I used solid wheels with off road rubber for a more aggressive look. Mounted a sportier tank from a Honda CB175 and a custom made set of handlebars.
All the lights are custom modifications and I made special covers for the fork uppers. The seat was inspired by Cafe Racers the green black paintwork was inspired by vintage Honda Scramblers”