Honda S90 Cafe Racer by Deus

Since I recently paid a visit to Deus Ex Machina in Sydney I thought it pertinent to feature one of the latest custom motorcycles to roll out of the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Bali. This is the Deus Honda S90 Cafe Racer.

 In Bali you’re hard pressed finding a motorcycle with an engine capacity larger than 125cc so with limited options a classic like the steel press framed S90 is an obvious choice for customisation. We’ve seen S90’s here before and although this Honda’s 6hp of power is a far cry from most Cafe Racers we feature, it certainly doesn’t lack visual appeal.

The Deus team started by tearing the S90 down and getting rid of anything that added extra weight. A new Cafe Racer style seat and cowl were “forged” to match the lines of the tank and to convert the bike to a single seater (why would you want another person slowing you down?). All the Honda’s bare metal parts went off to spend some time getting to know the polishing wheel while the frame, headlight bucket, swing arm, tank and seat received a fresh coat of classic white enamel.

Deus then added a custom set of clip ons with KTC small switches, a Daytona speedo set in to the Suzuki GT headlight, converted the ignition to CDI, added a set of 18inch TK wheels and fit a Japanese made exhaust system…to give it a bit more bark. Ton up? I think not, but it definitely gets two thumbs up for style and attitude.

“Will it get you from A to B? Hell yes! Will all the ladies what a ride? There’s one straddling the seat right now.”