Honda CB750 Dark Brownie

Ahh Slovenia, home of the oldest vine in the world, the first ever musical instrument, birth place of the first married couple to scale Mount Everest and home of 7Seven Customs workshop. I’ve never been to Slovenia and know very little about it (aside from those awesome dinner table facts) so it was a nice surprise to find this feature bike in my inbox. Feast your eyes on the “Dark Brownie”, a tastefully customised ’83 Honda CB750K by 7Seven Customs owner Andraž Kopitar.

Andraž started the Dark Brownie build by pulling the CB’s engine from its frame and tackling the aesthetic upgrades first. He treated the frame and rims to a fresh coat of matte black and the tank was resprayed using a matte black and metallic brown scheme. The stock headlight was swapped out with a repurposed fog lamp finished in metallic brown and a smaller stop light finished in matte black was retrofit to the rear loop.

The rims were then wrapped with ANS “Military” Firestone tyres, the bars swapped for MX type Renthals and the rear shocks upgraded for a touch of Street Tracker style. The Honda instrument cluster was swapped out with a single Racing Company speedo and custom mounted LED warning lights. The stock pipes, which in my opinion are one of the best looking stock systems out there, were retained and coated in matte black high temp paint and the headers covered in graphite heat wrap.

Allowing for double the fun the Dark Brownie features a two up, custom made, cross stitched leather seat. A custom battery box and rear fender add to the one off items made in house at the 7Seven Customs workshop, both of which help to de-clutter the CB’s profile. Initial engine mods came in the form of K&N pod filters and a painstakingly tuned stage 3 Dynojet kit, but after a few rides it became necessary to give the engine a full overhaul. Andraž now says that the Dark Brownie is great fun to ride, once you get used to the chunky Firestones.

Andraž Kopitar is a self confessed fuel addict. 7Seven Customs was the product of his addiction, giving him his fix of custom building and motorcycle obsessing on a day to day basis. His addiction doesn’t stop at motorcycles though, Andraž is also ingrained in the Kustom Kulture scene of hot rods and all aspects of the lifestyle and scene that surround it. Keep an eye on his site to see what he’s up to.


7Seven Customs     |     Photographer by Ciril Komotar