Moto Brilliance Ducati 1000 Cafe Racer

Even though we only in the first quarter of 2013, I feel as though I have already featured a year’s worth of Ducati Sport 1000 Cafe Racer builds! So when I saw Geoff Rossi’s Moto Brilliance Ducati on The Bike Shed  I was hesitant to repost it, that was at least until I read through the build thread on the Ducati Sport Classic forum. To label this bike as simply a Sport 1000 would be a big mistake.

While it’s true that the build started with the engine from a Paul Smart Sport 1000, Geoff pieced the rest of the bike together using an array of custom fit components from various motorcycles. The swingarm and rear shocks for instance are from a Ducati Super Sport 1000 DS, the headstock is from a 999 but it’s been combined with elements from a seventies 900ss and a Pierobon to form the rest of the bikes frame. Suzuki GSXR fully adjustable forks hold one of the two Black Stone Tek carbon wheels that are each sporting upgraded radial brakes and Michelin rubber.
The bikes bodywork is seventies Imola style with a rear section that can be swapped to fit different tail units to suit Geoff’s daily riding plans. He has also used adjustable rear sets and an adjustable monoshock to allow him to quickly prepare the bike for track use.
I don’t know if it’s to go match the classic look of his bike, but Geoff has stripped away the engines high tech electrics in favour of a good old fashioned carb setup. A pair of FCR41 flatsides now deliver fuel to the cylinders and are managed by an MSD ignition system. Finally to finish off the performance mods Geoff constructed a custom made 2-1-2 exhaust system that meets at a baffled collector box below the seat, before splitting into 2 pipes that exit just below the tail. Moto Brilliance is indeed a fitting title for the bikes Geoff builds.


Ducati Sport Classic forum     |     Spotted on The Bike Shed     |     Photography by Jack McIntyre