Helmade Ducati XDiavel custom

Flamänko: Helmade x Vengine Ducati XDiavel

Pink is the new black. Well, maybe not, but the builders of this wild Miami-inspired custom Ducati XDiavel would like to have us thinking otherwise. The XDiavel, which has been coined “Flamänko”, is the work of Berlin-based custom-builder Adrian Majewski, aka Vengine, and the Frankfurt-based automotive painter extraordinaire Christian Möhring of Helmade

This isn’t the first time this pair has combined forces on a build. Back in 2018, they built the Ducati 999S ‘Noir‘ which was another bold and brash build. Like Noir, Flamänko’s appearance has been designed to turn heads and raise eyebrows, but the XDiavel’s performance is no joke. With 152hp on tap, it’s a beast of a bike, which is precisely why Majewski chose it for this project. Why? Because this bike was built to compete in the infamous Glemseck 101 Sprint Race series.

Helmade Ducati XDiavel custom

“In this class, there are fewer rules and limitations. That’s how the bike was built. Almost all parts are self-made and not original, ready for the 1/8 mile.” says Majewski.

While 152 horsepower and 126Nm of torque is nothing to be sniffed at, Majewski wanted more from the 1262cc L-twin. As any tuner knows, modifications to the intake and exhaust can return the biggest gains per dollar spent. So to get the most out of the XDiavel without breaking the bank, he fit the bike with a bespoke exhaust by Shark. Built entirely from titanium, the system works twofold by increasing the power output and shedding a good deal of weight from the bike. To ensure optimum performance the fueling was also fine-tuned.

Helmade Ducati XDiavel custom

Power is nothing if you can’t get it to the ground so the Flamänko is also sporting a selection of other sprint race oriented upgrades. To keep the bike planted when the throttle is opened wide it now wears an 1199 Ohlins mono-shock and the rear wheel modified to accept a huge Hankook Ventus F200 drag racing slick.

The big difference between the Glemseck 101 Sprint Races and regular drag racing is that the motorcycles are required to be significantly customized. So to meet the organizer’s expectations, Flamänko is far from stock.


Starting with the lighting the bike now wears an aftermarket LED headlight which is held in place by a handmade bracket. The tail light and seat are one of a kind and function as a single unit. The suede-covered saddle offers enough room for one and protruding from the hump at the rear is an intriguing-looking acrylic fin. Stashed behind the fin is a bank of LED lights that function as the brake and running lights by illuminating the fin when active.

The Roadster handlebars have been replaced with clip-on items wearing aftermarket grips, CNC machined bar ends, and custom fluid reservoirs.  The foot controls are new too, positioned farther back and higher to establish an aggressive riding position. Although it’s unlikely to be spending much time on the street the bike also wears Motogadget mirrors and turn signals. You’ll also find a carbon fiber mount for the stock gauge cluster and a set of wheel covers for the rear end.

Helmade Ducati XDiavel custom

Last, but certainly not least, is the bike’s gaudy paintwork. Majewski entrusted Helmade with the task of making his XDiavel stand out from the bunch and Helmade didn’t disappoint. “Inspired by the streets of America’s sunshine state with its tall palm trees and flamingos, this Ducati XDiavel was turned into an expression of Miami’s lifestyle and meaning,” says Möhring.

The paintwork is primarily pink with green palm fronds and branding breaking it up. Since Helmade specializes in painting helmets, this bike has been paired with a one-of-a-kind brain bucket.  “The concept was completed using a custom Bell Bullitt,” says Möhring. “It’s a tribute to one of Bell’s first Formula 1 racing helmets, the Bell Star XF GP. The visor was individually manufactured out of full carbon and worked into the helmet paintwork. It was good to expose our concept to the motorcycle community and to see their reactions. This concept is made to love or hate.”


Helmade Ducati XDiavel custom