BMW R80 Ruby Racer

Hot on the heels of my recent post about Les Ateliers Ruby’s leather jackets UK based, custom workshop Kevil’s Speed Shop, has released images of their latest BMW which just so happens to be based on a Ruby helmet design.

Kevil’s Speed Shop owner Kevin Hill received a special order from a customer in Warsaw who wanted the 1983 BMW R80 built as a tribute to the candy striped Ruby Pavilion Helmet. The bike under went Kev’s standard set of custom modifications to reduce weight and improve performance before receiving it’s unique paint job and custom leather saddle.


This R80 certainly isn’t going to be to everyone’s liking but beneath that candy striped paint scheme is a very tidy BMW Cafe Racer. I’m particularly fond of the black finish on that big boxer motor, it does a great job of reducing visual bulk while adding a mean streak to offset its tongue-in-cheek veneer.


Kev builds BMW Cafe Racers like this from as little as 5,000 pounds, including the bike (!!) which I’m sure everyone will agree is a pretty good deal. Check out Kevil’s Joker to see another fine example of his custom BMW Cafe Racers.