Bike Of The Day: 1987 Harley-Davidson FXR Twin Cam Warbird Custom

Meet the extraordinary custom Harley-Davidson from the renowned Corbin Collection. Starting with a 1987 FXR, only the fuel tank and main frame remain intact. The chassis now features a stronger FLH swingarm, Works Performance shocks, and an inverted fork from a current V-Rod. Upgraded Brembo brakes with aftermarket wave rotors and BST carbon-fiber wheels complete the chassis transformation.

The original Harley-Davidson Evo V-twin has been replaced with a 2003 Twin Cam 88 motor, boosted to a 95ci displacement. It boasts a sporty 2-into-1 collector exhaust, generating an impressive 92bhp and 107lbft of torque according to dyno testing. Power is smoothly transmitted via a Harley six-speed transmission.

Adding to its allure, the bike flaunts a full Corbin Warbird body kit, including a custom-painted frame-mounted nose fairing, chin spoiler, side panels, tail section, front fender, and gas tank. Naturally, a Corbin saddle enhances both comfort and style. This exceptional creation was even featured in the esteemed American Iron magazine back in 2014.

Source: Bonhams