Deus Ex Machina SR400

On a recent trip to Sydney I stuck my head in at Deus (as always) and grabbed a copy of their SR400 catalogue. I’ve snapped a few shots and posted them for you to drool over. Dues do sseveral “custom” set ups which you can order when you purchase your bike or you can of course buy a stock model and modify it yourself (which is always more fun!).

“The SR400, a paragon of simplicity, the perfect balance of power and timeless good looks. One cylinder, two valves and a purity of design that has kept this modern classic true since 1978. Deus Ex Machina…any god, any Machine”

Words of wisdom from Deus.

Deus SR400 Stage 1 custom “The Rocker”:
  • Lucas alloy tail light
  • Nitroheads ducktail saddle
  • Supersound pipe
  • Z-Bars
  • Small indicator kit
  • Classic mirrors

Deus SR400 Stage 2 Custom (TT):

  • Nitroheads ducktail saddle
  • Ohlins race shocks
  • WM rearsets
  • K&N induction kit
  • Manx style down pipe
  • WM handmade alloy tank
  • Clip on bars
  • Polished alloy fork bridge
  • Vintage speedo and headlight
  • Brembo 4 pot brakes

Deus SR400 Stage 3 Custom “Dirt Tracker”:
  • AAA Stainless/Carbom Up Pipe
  • Flat track seat and tank
  • K&N filter kit
  • FCR 37mm flatside carb
  • Wide tracker bars
  • Bates small headlight kit
  • Dunlop K180 Dirt Track tyres

Deus SR400 Stage 3 Custom “The Manx”:

  • Lucas alloy tail light
  • Stinky ducktail saddle
  • Deus custom up-pipe
  • Peyton Place Rear-sets
  • FCR Flatside 37mm Carb
  • Stinky hand made alloy type-10 tank
  • Clip on bars
  • Vintage headlight/speedo kit
  • Smith Kanrin 4 leading shoe drum brake

And finally my favorite, the…
Deus SR400 Stage 3 Custom “Grievous Angel”:

  • Firestone vintage tyres
  • Powdercoated mag rims
  • Ohlins race shocks
  • Modified SR400 frame
  • K&N filter and crankcase filter
  • WM black underpipe
  • Alloy tracker tank
  • WM bikini fairing
  • braided lines
  • Brembo 4 pot caliper
  • Braking disc rotor

My photos don’t do the beautiful shots in this catalogue any justice and to tell you the truth seeing them in the flesh beats any photo. So if you’re in Sydney anytime drop in to Deus (98-104 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown, Sydney, NSW) or if you’re chasing a price on one of these uber cool SR’s give the guys a call on +61 2 9557 6866.