Trident Super Rat Cafe Racer for sale

You may remember this amazing Trident Cafe Racer from an old post I did on the site (or pretty much every custom bike blog or magazine around). It’s the Trident Super Rat Cafe Racer and it’s up for sale! Starting bid on this masterpiece is $10,000USD which for a bike as well made as this isn’t unreasonable. The bike took over 700 hours to complete over 6 months and it features many one off and custom built parts including the crazy exhaust and oil tank set up.

Here’s all the details you could ever want about the bike before you make your bid

1970 TRIUMPH T-150 Trident
This motorcycle is a great example of old and new technology blended to create the best of both worlds.The customization of this motorcycle took and over 700 man hours and six months to complete.

First off, I want to note that this is a one to three kick bike. The engine is tuned perfectly with nothing needed to head out for a Sunday drive, or a long round about through your favorite twisty road. The engine on this Trident has been completely restored. The cases were split and every detail of the motor has been stripped, disassembled and rebuilt.

The custom stainless tuned exhaust system of this Triumph Trident is obviously the show feature of the bike. The fit and finish of the exhaust is outstanding. It is very rare to find an exhaust system that is built to this level of perfection. It is however more than just a work of art. All three stainless pipes are tuned to within 1/8” +/- which provides maximum tuned flow.

Oil Tank:
Another noticeable feature of this Trident would have to be its proprietary 3 quart stainless steel tube floating oil tank. We have used this oil tank design on many of our other custom motorcycles with great success. The oil tends to stay cooler due to the contiguous exposed surface area. The tank is suspended on a floating spring system that resides under the seat of the bike.

Fuel Tank:
The fuel tank is hand formed 1/8” aluminum. All the electrical components are neatly hidden in a compartment hidden underneath the fuel tank. A lot of effort has been put into the welds, sanding, polishing and painting.

Rear cowl:
The rear cowl is custom formed from a 1928 Ford Head Light bucket. The cowl is more than just a work of art, it also acts as the housing for the oil filter, which is uniquely and professionally mounted inside the cowl.

The carburetors are rebuilt triple Amal Carbs. The bike will come with both velocity stacks and air cleaners to give you a choice in style and function.

The gauges are, “Smiths Gauges.” They are in excellent working condition.

To stay true to the old school look for the Trident, we decided to utilize Packard Cloth Wiring on all exposed wires. The balance of the wiring on the Trident is hidden inside the frame. The rectifier and coils are concealed under the gas tank.

The frame on this Triumph Trident was shaved and molded. All unnecessary tabs were removed to provide a smooth and clean finish. The motor mounts are made of billet aluminum and are drilled with lightening holes to retain its café heritage. The custom head steadies and steering stabilizer brackets are fabricated from polished brass.

To stay true to the triumph style and stance, the suspension remains stock both front and rear, with the exception that the front suspension has been lowered 2”.

The paint design is inspired by Italian racing bicycles.

Check out more photos of the Super Rat Cafe Racer here. Or jump on to eBay and buy yourself this unique Cafe Racer!

Visit the Super Rat Performance website for more of their work.