Cafe Twin short film Milonga

Italian workshop Cafe Twin’s last Cafe Racer film “Passo a due” lead us on a serene lap of Rome, past some of the ancient cities most iconic landmarks, as we followed one of their custom Triumph Cafe Racers. In their second short film “Milonga” they have left the streets of Rome to reveal Italy’s picturesque countryside. To the tune of Tango classic ‘Por una Cabeza’, the films female rider adorns her Ruby helmet before piloting her Triumph Cafe Racer through stunning Italian landscapes. It’s another visual and audio feast from the talented film makers and a great example of the quality of custom motorcycles rolling out of the Cafe Twin workshop.

Milonga –  short film by Enrica Citoni, Bruno Brunetta, cinematography Aurelio Vindigni Ricca with Enrica Citoni.

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