Return of the Cafe Racers - Riding Gear – Yoxall Waxed Canvas Jacket

Riding Gear – Yoxall Waxed Canvas Jacket

If you’re looking for a non-leather motorcycle jacket with timeless style, waxed cotton is the answer. The most iconic waxed cotton design of all is the 4 pocket, long-waisted cut of this motorcycle jacket by UK outfit Merlin Bike Gear. From it’s construction to its styling the Merlin Yoxall waxed cotton jacket is steeped in English motorcycling tradition.

Merlin Yoxall waxed cotton jacket

Merlin constructs their waxed cotton range using fabrics from Halley Stevensons in Scotland. Halley Stevensons have been producing weatherproofed fabrics since 1864. The waterproofing process involves the application of a specially formulated paraffin wax coating that’s been developed over 150 years of testing. Additionally, Merlin has added extra weatherproofing to the Yoxall to protect against the specific conditions motorcycle gear is subjected to. Inside each Yoxall jacket is a Reissa membrane that is waterproof, windproof and breathable. This combination of materials results in almost impenetrable protection against the elements.

To add to the Yoxall’s all year round usability it has another valuable feature up its sleeves – and through its entire lining. Merlin has incorporated a 100g thermal liner, finished in classic Marton Mills tartan, into the Yoxall which can be removed or installed as desired. No riding gear is complete without crash protection so the Yoxall also comes with removable CE level 1 armour in the shoulders and elbows. A back protector can be purchased separately and installed into an integrated pocket.

You’ll never be left wanting for more storage with multiple pockets on both the interior and exterior of the Yoxall jacket. YKK and Max zippers are utilised throughout and vents on the front and back of the jacket can be opened for improved cooling. Multiple adjustment points throughout the jacket’s design assist in achieving the perfect fit.

Merlin Yoxall motorcycle jacket

Available in both black or olive green this waxed cotton jacket’s timeless styling is rounded out with quilted details on the shoulders and chest. Bearing a strong resemblance to motorcycle jackets worn by the ‘King of Cool’ Steve McQueen, you’ll cut a fine figure on or off the bike in a Merlin Yoxall jacket.


Merlin Yoxall motorcycle jacket

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