Rockers leather motorcycle jackets

Photographer Horst A. Friedrichs who shot the photography book Or Glory: 21st Centry Rockers has released another photographic study of the global Cafe Racer/Rocker movement. In this new publication Horst captures the spirit of the personalised leather motorcycle jackets worn by past and present Rockers in Pride and Glory: The Rockers Jacket.

The heavily decorated Rockers jacket became a symbol of rebellion in the 50s and has evolved in to a style icon synonymous with low brow motorcycle culture and in particular the Cafe Racer scene. The 400 page, full colour photography book comes with either a hard cover for £85 or leather (jacket) bound and embellished cover for £851.38 (that’s not a typo).

Pride and Glory features exclusive photographs of the Lewis leathers vintage leather jacket collection as well as classic replicas worn by modern day Rockers all over the world.You can read about Horst’s first Rocker themed photo book Or Glory here.

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