Riding Gear – Saint Arm Gauntlets

Woven using a double layer blend of 220gsm Merino wool and abrasion resistant Kevlar the Saint Gauntlets offer protection against both the elements and abrasion. The breathable Marino knit expels moisture in Summer or can be worn as a windproof layer for your arms in Winter. Thumb holes in each sleeve prevent the Gauntlets from slipping up your arms and ensure your skin is kept safe “when things go random”.


These “Baselayer” Arm Gauntlets are the perfect riding gear accessory for the astute motorcyclist. Worn either on their own or as an additional layer the Gauntlets are a ‘one size fits all’ product from Australian protective riding gear manufacturer ‘Saint’. In typical Saint style the Gauntlets use a blend of top quality materials and tech fabrics to create a unique product designed with both fashion and riding safety in mind.