Phantom EG Norton

The Phantom EG is a 1920’s Board Tracker inspired custom motorcycle from The Phantom manufacturing company in the United Kingdom. The Phantom EG is custom built to each customers specifications (for the wallet starving price of  anywhere between $30,000 to $100,000!) and is described by the company founders as unique, commissioned, works of art.

The Phantom EG is powered by a Norton 750cc air cooled twin and uses an double-butteddiamond frame with a hard tailed rear end and “Bladraulic” forks. While the bike looks amazing the builders aren’t afraid to admit the Phantom EG isn’t for everyone one. “There are other motorbikes that are faster, and still others more comfortable. What sets the Phantom EG apart from all others, is the abundance of soul”. And I have to say soul is definitely what this bike has plenty of.

The detail on the bike is amazing as you would expect for the price and while it may not be the fastest bike it certainly sounds sweet. Sit back and enjoy the vids of the Phantom EG in action.