Return of the Cafe Racers - Shoei Glamster Retro Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Glamster Retro Motorcycle Helmet

There’s been a steady growth in the number of retro motorcycle helmets on the market over the past few years. And now for 2020 two big names in the industry have come to the party. Arai has unveiled their Concept X, also known as the Rapide Neo in Japan, and then there’s this helmet, the rather oddly named, Shoei Glamster.

I don’t envy any marketing team tasked with naming a new product. But the individual who signed off on calling this helmet the “GLAMSTER” should reconsider his career choices. Imagine, if you will, sitting on your bike when a fellow motorcyclist pulls up and asks ‘What helmet is that?” and then trying to tell them “It’s a Glamster” without feeling completely emasculated. Lucking, the Glamster has another name printed boldly across its surface that makes up for this. That name is, of course, Shoei.

Shoei Glamster motorcycle helmet

With the Glamster, Shoei has utilised its Advance Integrated Matrix outer shell construction technology. The AIM shell is made by layering a mix of organic and fibreglass fibres beneath a fibre resin surface. This results in a lighter more flexible shell that also offers superior strength. The liner is formed using Shoei’s tried and tested dual-layer multi-density EPS foam. That’s the same EPS you’ll find in their entire range, from the cheapest open-face design to their most expensive race helmet. The Glamster’s wide and tall CPB-1 visor provides a large field of view and is both DOT and SNELL certified. Pinlocks allow the fitment of tear strips and the visor blocks 99% of UV rays.

Shoei Glamster motorcycle helmet

To help keep you comfortable a vent on the forehead of the Glamster channels air through the EPS liner. Cool air from outside moves through channels in the foam and pushes warm air out. Air escapes from the helmet’s neck roll rather than through additional vents on the shell which contributes to the Glamsters retro styling.

The Shoei Glamster is the latest member of the companies neo-classic range alongside the MX styled EX-Zero and open-faced J-O. Reminiscent of ’70s and ’80s race helmets it features a clutter-free design with a narrow chin bar. On either side of the chin bar are 2 beadroll style channels that contribute to the helmets unique look as well as providing always-open ventilation to the face. Brushed aluminium accents on the visors hinge, similar to those on the Bell Bullitt or Nexx XG.100 Racer, and a touch of elegance.

As for sizing, Shoei has worked hard to reduce the dimensions of the helmet making it a more compact alternative to other retro helmets on the market. They also manufacture the Glamster in 3 different shell sizes with interchangeable cheek pads to help riders achieve a perfect fit. The entire inner liner is removable and machine washable.

The Shoei Glamster comes in 5 basic colourways and one 1 graphic option in 3 colourways. With a price point slightly higher than that of the Bell Bullitt and a naming convention that verges on the ridiculous the Glamster may have a hard time convincing some to purchase it. But for those who know and respect the Shoei brand, the Glamster is going to be the obvious retro helmet choice.


Shoei Glamster motorcycle helmet

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