Readers rides: Moto Guzzi Le Manns 1000

This Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer sent in by Henry is the latest readers ride to have our jaws dragging on the ground. Based on a 1989 LeMans 1000 this Guzzi is a fraction of it’s former self. Much of the Le Mans original bodywork has been removed (thank goodness) to be replaced by Cafe Racer style items such as the single seat and wasps tail rear cowl. The original tank remains though as it’s angular form is a real Guzzi trademark and worked with the look Henry was chasing.

From Zero (above) to Hero (below)

The bikes frame has been cut down at the rear to reduce bulk and allowed the much smaller tail end to be fitted to the bike. The original pegs have been replaced with a custom made set and new clip-ons and grips complete the new control set up. The bike also has a new set of lights front and rear and bullet style indicators. The custom up swept exhausts and sit at a much more aggressive angle than the original set and are now suitable for warming any riders following closely behind, although we don’t think many will be keeping up, this Guzzi has also had plenty of performance upgrades ensuring that its bite is just as bad as it’s bark.

A lightened flywheel improves low down performance and acceleration while a set of 320 mm Brembo brakes and discs pull the bike up hard. New springs have already been fitted to the rear of the bike and a new set of forks are planned for the front end which we hope to see fitted soon.

Trick new gauges deliver all the info Henry needs via their location on the custom alloy top clamp. A huge tacho surrounded by indicator lighs takes precedence over the digital speedo that sits right along side the bikes throttle.

The classic Black and red paint scheme finishes off the look of the bike and lets everyone know it means business. It’s another magnificent bike to land in our inbox as we’re sure you will agree.