Readers ride – New York Dave’s W650

Looking over the photos it’s the smaller details that really make his bike special. The W650 features a spattering of custom made and modified parts from other bikes including a tail light from an old Vincent, Triumph gas cap, Bonneville T140 gas tank and even a headlight stone guard off an MG sports car.

The list of mods are extensive so take a deep breath and cop a load of this…
  • Tail light from old Vincent motorcycle now w/LEDs
  • headlight mount from Daytona in Japan
  • headlight stone guard from an old MG sportscar
  • Progressive fork springs
  • Hagon shocks
  • Fenders cut down with hacksaw and chromed
  • Kuryakyn turn signals
  • German seat base – modified mounting system and shape
  • Custom seat from a local shop
  • Rear brake torsion bar drilled and polished
  • Took off lots of paint and polished aluminium parts
  • Buchannan stainless steel spokes for wheels
  • Front hub powder coated
  • Front brake painted to match engine
  • Polished Superbrace fork brace
  • Finned bevel drive cover from Japan (E-bay)
  • Clip ons fully adjustable
  • Gas cap from old Triumph
  • Tank strap custom made
  • Brake lines Galfer
  • New chain, brake pads, bushings, etc
  • Clutch & throttle cables Motion Pro
  • Frame reworked for the battery tray, welds ground down
  • Electronics now under the seat on a custom base
  • Lots of rewiring and new cables
  • Stock pipes coated by Jet-Hot and wrapped
  • Pipes drilled out
  • Uniflow custom red foam air filters
  • Crankcase Breather
  • Dyno tuned w/ new jets
  • Engine repainted
  • Aluminium engine side covers semi polished
  • Odessey battery
  • Frame painted BMW silver
  • Tank, seat, light Ferrari red
  • Headlight holes closed and one opened
  • Rear footpeg mounts ground off
  • CRG bar-end mirrors
  • Triumph Bonneville T-140 tank modified to fit
  • Custom fuel valves/lines

I was recently contacted by Dave from New York regarding a post on the site. Dave shared a couple of pics of his w650 Cafe Racer and my jaw dropped. His attention to detail is top notch and as a result, his Cafe Racer is an absolute work of art.