Wrenchmonkees Honda CB750

While we all dream of owning the next Falcon motorcycle to roll out of their workshop the sad reality is that many of us can’t afford the huge price tag they come with. Thankfully though some of the big name workshops are still prepared to help out enthusiasts with lighter pockets. This bare bones custom CB750 is one of the latest projects to be completed by the Wrenchmonkee crew and while it’s no trophy winner it’s got bucket loads of street appeal.

The CB750 was built for a friend of the workshop who wanted the bike Monkefied on a tight budget. It consists of the usual mods to cut back clutter and free up the engine but lacks the extra cost of highend custom parts and fancy paintwork. The airbox has been removed to make way for pod filters, the electrics simplified and stored in a basic custom box slung under the saddle and set of clip ons replace the stock controls. Paint has been applied to add a bit of flavour to the stock tank and to black out some of the bare metal finishes and a set of firestones wrap the stock rims. Of all the custom parts on the bike the seat is the most noticeable and most likely the most expensive item, but well worth the extra dollars. Builders on a budget take note, the Wrenchmonkess have created a great template for your own custom project with this bike, the 53rd in their portfolio.