Sweet sounding Honda RC166 Six

…and all of a sudden you’re hooked. The RC166 won an amazing 10 out of 10 1966 World Championship series races along with the Manufacturers’ & Riders’ Championships in its class, two years running while piloted by Isle of Man TT winner, Mike Hailwood. A dry weight of 112kg and a top speed of over 240kmh made it a lethal track weapon and its outstanding results at the track left other manufacturers scratching their heads.

Not only did the Honda RC166 deliver the goods in performance but it also looked fantastic. Its best feature being the 6 exhaust pipes fanning out 3 aside at the rear of the bike, screaming on down the track.

In 1966 Honda produced a 250cc race bike for the Isle of Mann TT named the Honda RC166. Although a 250cc capacity isn’t the type of engine size that gets many riders excited when you start listing some of the RC166’s specs things get a little more interesting. Such as its six-cylinder engine, 6 independent carbs, 64bhp and 7-speed gearbox. It was capable of revving in excess of 18,000 RPM and could top 150mph. By now I’m sure you’re starting to become a little more interested, but what you really need to do to truly appreciate Honda’s RC166 is hear it running…