Readers rides: Like father like son CB550

What is it about Benjie’s Cafe Racer parts that make every bike their fitted to look stunning? These two Honda CB550 Cafe Racers sent in by Donald are two clear examples. The two Honda Cafe Racers are owned and built by Donald and his son. After owning a CB550 25 years ago Donald acquired the two bikes in what he describes as an awful state.

The Benjie tank and seat combo was the first purchase on the list. These tank/seat combos made by Benjies are “bolt on” Honda parts so minor work is required to fit them. The battery was relocated to under the seat and the electrics were cleaned up and rerouted.

The striking wasp like paint scheme was influenced by a similar build Donald had seen online. The bikes frames also received a tweak, handlebars were swapped for clip ons and the triple tree was ground smooth and polished. The original, over sized instrument cluster was also removed to create a much leaner, cleaner looking front end.

The frame and the wheels were painted classic black, Donald picked out the rubber he wanted and the front disc was drilled. As with every build of this complexity the list of mods goes on and on and Donald at the time of sending these had his bike apart again while striving for his roadworthy. We hope he gets it sorted soon as this Cafe Racer really needs to be out on the street getting the appreciation it deserves from it’s rider and onlookers alike.