K-Speed Diabolus custom Honda Dax 125

Hell Hound: K-Speed Dustbin Honda DAX 125

Eak Tanadit, the owner and lead designer at Bangkok’s K-Speed workshop, is arguably one of the best modifiers of small-capacity motorcycles the world over.  His custom creations have graced the pages of countless websites (including this one) and their popularity has allowed him to expand his business internationally.

In 2018 Honda approached Eak to modify their newly released C110 Super Cub which is conveniently built in Thailand. The resulting bike, coined ‘Tokyo Street’ kickstarted an ongoing relationship that has seen Eak modify all manner of Honda models. Through these collaborations, his workshop has also developed a range of aftermarket parts which he sells under the K-Speed Diabolus (formerly Diablo) brand. For his latest Honda custom project, Eak turned his attention to the 2024 Dax 125.

K-Speed Diabolus custom Honda Dax 125

The Dax 125 is Honda’s reimagined version of the ST50 Dax which had been out of production for over 40 years. The Euro 5-compliant mini bike is powered by a 124cc single-cylinder engine and boasts LED lighting and a tidy negative LCD gauge. The tiny Dax rolls on 12-inch wheels wrapped in chunky rubber and it uses a pressed steel frame just like the original Dax. As a daily, the Honda DAX 125 isn’t going to win any races, but it’s infinitely more stylish than any scooter on the market, is very affordable to buy and run, and delivers countless smiles to the gallon.

K-Speed Diabolus custom Honda Dax 125

For this build, Eak aimed to transform the minuscule Dax into a muscular retro racer with the intention of wowing the crowds at the 2024 Bangkok Hot Rod Show. The project took around 3 months to complete from start to finish with the lion’s share of the time going into building the curvaceous new bodywork.

“The DAX 125 is one of the most popular small motorcycles right now,” says Eak. “My inspiration is centered around racing motorcycles of the 1960s with a signature dustbin style cowl.”

As with every K-Speed project, this custom Dax 125 coined the ‘Hell Hound’ began with Eak sketching out his vision with pencil and paper. From there he and his team began the lengthy task of transforming the Dax 125 into the bike you see here. As for what work parts were made for this project, Eak jokes we should be asking which ones didn’t he make since the list of modifications is so extensive.

K-Speed Diabolus custom Honda Dax 125

The standout feature of this custom Dax 125 is of course the one-off dustbin fairing. Similar to their other projects, work began on the fairing with the construction of a mold which was used to produce the final fibre composite part. This approach helps to keep weight to a minimum on the low-powered Dax.

Accompanying the fairing on the laundry list of custom tweaks is a custom-made handlebar sporting new switchgear, grips, and bar ends. Rear set footpegs mounted to the swingarm establish an aggressive riding position while the studded leather Diabolus seat offers plenty of padding. To keep things looking clean in the cockpit, the stock gauge has been relocated to the inner left of the fairing where you will also find a rather unexpected addition.

K-Speed Diabolus custom Honda Dax 125

This Dax 125 now features a jockey shift-style gear selector. So when the throttle is rolled off and the centrifugal clutch is doing its thing, a pull (or push) on the gear lever shifts through the 4-speed box. And, rather than a foot brake for the rear end, Eak’s opted to move rear brake control to the handlebars setting this Dax up more like a scooter.

The rear wheel is still a 12-inch unit but it’s substantially wider than the stock version and is wrapped in IRC NR77 rubber. To accommodate the tire K-Speed has lengthened the swingarm which adds to the Hell Hound’s streamlined stance. The bike is also wearing several items from K-Speed’s Diabolus parts catalog. These include the muffler which is handing off a custom, rerouted header, shortened suspension components front and rear, and the wheel cover that encloses the rear hub.

To finish things off the Hell Hound has been painted in K-Speed’s customary satin and gloss black paint. White Diabolus and K-Speed graphics on the fairing let passers-by know who to call to buy one, and a gold and black DID chain adds a touch of class to the whole package.

The Hell Hound may look like it’s out to set a new land speed record but despite the extensive work done to the rest of the bike, Eak has left its engine untouched. But let’s be honest, how much more power could one expect from a 9hp single?

The Hell Hound is currently for sale through the K-Speed website. It’s priced at 330,000 Thai Baht which converts to a touch over $9000 USD + shipping. That’s almost 3 times the stock Dax 125 RRP but considering how much work has gone into this bike I’d still consider it an absolute bargain.


K-Speed Diabolus custom Honda Dax 125