Tidy Triumph TR6 Bobber

If you saw my post recently about the Tidy Triumph Bobber I’m sure you’d like to see more about the bike. Luckily the builder came across my Blog, spotted his bike and dropped me a line!

Jason from Flower Mound Texas, built the Bobber over a 3 year period with the help of his pals and the crew at Southern Fried Choppers. The bike is a 1964 Triumph TR6SR but in reality it’s a Frankenstein job with parts coming from several different bikes.

When Jason started the build the bike was nothing more than a frame and a bunch of parts in boxes. Jason then set about piecing the bike together and did almost all of the work himself including lacing the rims and rebuilding TR6’s 45 year old engine.

The total cost of building this Triumph Bobber came in at around $3000USD (not including labour…) and left him with enough parts to start 2 more custom Triumph builds. Some of the unusual parts you’ll find on this bike include a front end from a 1984 Honda CR125, Avon Speedmaster & MKII tyres, Magura low rise bras, West Eagle ribbed rear fender, upside down sportster headlight, Santee octagonal oil tank and a recovered, swap meet saddle.

Jason confessed to me that his true love lies with Cafe Racer styled motorcycles and sent me a couple of pics of some other bikes he has in the pipeline. Hopefully you will hear more about them here in the near future…

Honda GBTT500 Cafe Racer

1971 Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer

2004 Triumph Thruxton Cafe Racer

1973 CB750 Tricked out Cafe Racer