Dustin Lott – Honda Storm Trooper 550

Close the blast doors!… Open the blast doors! Open the blast doors! – Despite the fact that they were rooting for the wrong team everyone loves the bumbling antics of the Dark Sides Storm Troopers. However, even though they may have been incapable of accurately firing their blasters or executing an order without ballsing it up, they still managed to look super cool. As a salute to their ultra cool uniforms (not their inept skills as soliders) Dustin Kott has customised this ’70s Honda CB550 Supersport which he has aptly named “The Storm Trooper 550”.

The most noticeable features of the Storm Trooper 550 are it’s unique headlight surround and tail end. Created by hand forming sheet metal the headlight fairing is a one of a kind designed to compliment the Supersports angular fuel tank, while the rear cowl continues the line of the tank down over the rear tire and conceals a “fish-mouthed” tail light.

A mix of black oxide and anodized finishes combined with polished alloy and pure white paint have earned the bike it’s title (thankfully it wasn’t it’s performance in the field!). Custom fabbed rear sets and clip on bars reposition the rider into a Speederbike stance while a refreshed motor, upgraded suspension and brake components and a set of classic Bridgestone rubber upgrade it’s performance considerably. So unlike the Stormtroopers from the movies this Supersport isn’t going to let you down over and over and over.

I have to admit it’s nice to see a theme bike every now and then and since as I was a mid-seventies child I can really appreciate this one!