Honda S90 by Airtech Streamlining

California based Airtech Streamlining are manufacturers of “the world’s largest selection of motorcycle fairings and bodywork”, producing parts for land speed racing, track racing, vintage motorcycles and even drag bikes. At this year’s 2012 Vegas Motorcycle Auction Airtech owner and founder Kent Riches offered up a motorcycle that was far from what we expected. This is the Airtech Honda RS90 R Cafe Racer, a completely revised Honda Sport 90 that embodies heritage racing style and showcases just how flexible the Airtech product range can be.

The Honda Sport 90 or S90 was a 4 speed, SOHC, 100cc commuter that pumped out a huge 8hp (at the counter-shaft sprocket) and was produced by Honda between 1964 – 1969. With a top speed of around 64mph it wasn’t going to win many races, but it was the perfect little bike for young riders who were limited by low-powered motorcycle license restrictions in the US at the time.

Mr Riches of course had no intention of leaving the 1968 S90’s engine stock. A big bore kit from BAPP increased displacement to 108cc and the head was ported to allow fitment of a Dell Orto 24mm downdraft carb. Handling was upgraded with the addition of a 210mm 2LS drum brake on the front and lighter Akront rims with stainless spokes wrapped in Bridgestone racing rubber. Finally a pair of tiny clip on bars and custom rear sets were added to get the rider in a more aggressive riding position.

The RS90 R’s bodywork is made using modified Airtech Honda CR110 fairings with custom brackets to fit the pressed steel frame. Finished in classic silver with vintage Honda decals against a freshly painted electric blue frame it’s a sweet looking little ride. Thanks to the removal of the steel tank and guards the weight improvements make this a great little city commuter for weaving through tight traffic and best of all when you reach your destination you can carry it inside.

If you have a Honda S90 you want to transform in to a Cafe Racer like this one Airtech now sell all the parts you see on their RS90 R on their website. For around $1000 you can buy the full kit ready to paint and fit.