Honda CB125S “Big Blue” Cafe Racer

When someone says they’ve been bitten by the motorcycle bug they usually mean that they have developed an obsession with the motorcycle they own. But for some it’s means much more. Back in 2008 Jason  bought his first motorcycle, since then he’s bought 12 (or so) more motorcycles which he currently has in various states of repair with the plan to rebuild and customise every one of them…now that’s obsessed.

The Cafe Racer you see here is “Big Blue”, a 1974 Honda CB125S. The first challenge Jason faced was converting the electrics to 12 volt. “It’s hard to find 6 volt blinkers that look good and the stock lolly pop blinkers would not work for the look i was going for”. The carb also required a full rebuild to get the little CB running right again before the custom work could being.

A set of 27mm clip-ons were sourced and modified to retain to the internal throttle. To keep the bars uncluttered a drum brake, CB100 front wheel was fitted along with a gator-less set of forks from a 78 CB125. The fiberglass tail is from Airtech Streamlining which has been cut down and modified to get the right profile. The tank has also been dropped by 3/4 of an inch resulting in a nice straight line from the headlight bucket along to the peak of the tail.

By removing the rear fender, air box and standard lights the frame has been opened up and the bike looks even leaner than in its standard state. New rear shocks, cables, LED lights, a custom leather seat and a fresh paint scheme have finished the Honda off and the result is one tight little Cafe Racer.

Jason’s wife made the call on the paint scheme which was also applied to the vintage lid in the photos. It’s only fair she should get some input when she has to put up with a dozen bikes cluttering up their garage. The bike was sold off to help fund more of Jason’s custom builds which we’re looking forward to seeing come together.
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