Cognito Moto CB750

“I started Cognito Moto with the black and red Honda CB550 featured on Return of the Cafe Racers last year. This is my latest build a which started off as a ’74 CB750 frame and motor I picked up for $400. The original plan was to use parts I had laying around to build a 2 up for the wife and I to tool around town. After the initial mock up and back and forth between tanks the build changed quickly and a quickly became bit more extreme.”

“I asked Cliff Meyer of Meyer Built Metal Works to create this custom all aluminium handmade tank which was then Subaru STI black with a bare aluminium insert by Harman Colorworks. The frame  and all misc parts are texture black powder coated. A custom seat pan was made to match the new framing then wrapped in leather.”

“Congito Moto worked directly with FOX to develop a new shock to accommodate these vintage Japanese motorcycles. We used the PODIUM RC1 on this build in conjunction with a GSX-R600 front fork. Later we switched to the FOX PODIUM R to try them out too. In order to attached the GSXR fork the CB750 frame we developed a new stem that replaced the OEM GSR stem and now produce a GSX kit for the home builder.The 17”x 3.5” Sun Rim on the front was laced to the Cognito Moto GSX-R conversion hub and the rear 17” x 4.25” rim was laced to OEM CB750 hub. Special 2 up brackets were made to achieve rearset positioning and rear passanger pegs.”

“We ditched the OEM oil can and cleaned up the triangle with a Cognito Moto oil can. Shoria Battery is tucked into pocket designed into the underside of the tank. The electronic system has been upgraded with Moto Gadget M-unit and gauges replaced with the Moto Gadget Mini and integrated it into our top triple clamp for a clean hidden look.”

Story by Devin Henriques from Cognito Moto in Fishersville, USA.

COGNITO MOTO     |     Images by Miguel Rivera