CB750 that sweet sound

How many times have you seen photos of a stunning Cafe Racer or custom motorcycle and been left day dreaming about how it runs and sounds? It still seems that although most custombuilders have cottoned on to the fact that great photos will get them great feedback, video is still an often forgotten, yet priceless format for promoting the fruits of their labor. Yes it can be expensive and yes it takes longer to produce, but it doesn’t have to be an oscar award winning piece of filmic genius, we just want to hear the damn thing run!

Thankfully the thoughtful folks at Twinline Motorcycles know exactly what I’m raving on about and have come up with the goods. This sweet little vid of Doctor D’s 1975 CB750f firing up and revving out on the Twinline dyno beats watching Braveheart any day.

Photography by Todd Blubaugh