Return of the Cafe Racers - Four Play – Kerkus CB400 Cafe Racer

Four Play – Kerkus CB400 Cafe Racer

Malaysia’s custom motorcycle scene is heating up! In the last couple of years we’ve seen some incredible builds from fledgling workshops spurred on by the growth of events like the ‘Art of Speed’ festival and clubs like ‘Naked 13 Cafe Racer’. As always the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, is where most of the action is and it also happens to be where today’s featured build hails from. Built by Azahar of Kerkus Motorworks his Honda CB400 adds a cool classic twist to an otherwise bland modern donor.

Honda CB400 cafe racer

The project and the donor bike arrived at the Kerkus workshop via Singapore. After an artist from the Lion City had crossed paths with the Naked 13 Cafe Racer crew in Kuala Lumpur he decided he wanted a ride more aesthetically suited for attending their rides. After transporting his ’94 Honda CB400 S to the mainland Kerkus wasted no time tearing the bike down.

Honda CB400 cafe racer

The biggest challenge Azahar faced during the build was achieving a classic look using the bike’s stock fuel tank. To create a level bone line he started with a few modifications to the tanks mounting points. After some time on a sketch pad he had a concept for a new tail and the subframe was modified suitably to allow its fitment. The new metal seat pan and cowl were then fabricated to compliment the lines of the tank for a harmonious finish.

Honda CB400 cafe racer

To simplify the Honda’s front end the plastic factory gauges were removed completely. The top clamp was then stripped back to bare metal and the stock handlebars replaced with more aggressive clip on bars. A smaller, black shelled headlight was also installed along with a pair of LED indicators from Bratzstyle to tidy things up. The forks were also given an overhaul with new seals and fluids and to further improve the bike’s stance, Azahar dropped the front end by sliding the triple clamps and inch lower on the fork tubes.

Honda CB400 cafe racer

With the removal of the stock airbox the bike’s electronics found a new home in the rear cowl along with the battery. On each of the 4 carbs hes’ clamped pod filters and there’s a reverse megaphone muffler sitting at the end of the 4-into-1 exhaust headers. After giving up on the idea of relocating the stock fluid reservoir he visited a local DIY store where he found a black thermos which he mounted to the frame in its place.

Honda CB400 cafe racer

When it came to choosing a paint scheme for the CB, inspiration was found in the work of Taiwan custom motorcycle builder, ‘Rough Crafts’. The gold, saint black and carbon wrap design was influenced directly by Winston Yeh’s ‘Ballistic Trident’ MV Agusta.

Sure this 400cc Japanese inline four may not have the grunt of an 800cc Italian triple, but what this little cafe racer lacks in horsepower it makes up for in style.

Honda CB400 cafe racer

Spec list:

  • Gauge removal
  • Refurbished & polished triple 3
  • Clip on handlebars
  • Aftermarket grips
  • 7″ headlight
  • Custom headlight bracket
  • “Bratzstyle” signal light
  • Refurbished & polished forks
  • Swallow Classic tires
  • Repositioned fuel tank
  • Custom made seat cowl
  • Custom made electrical tray
  • “Bratzstyle” tail light (side mounted)
  • Diamond stitch leather upholstery by Has Cushion
  • Custom paintwork by Azizi Spray
  • Custom coolant reservoir
  • Custom made muffler 4 into 1
  • Custom Kerkus tank emblems
  • Aftermarket air filters


Honda CB400 cafe racer

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