Harley Davidson Sporty 883 Cafe Racer

It’s not often I post articles about custom builds based on Harley Davidsons. Harleys tend not to be popular in the Cafe scene which I think comes from a number of different factors (I’m not about to list any and start a huge debate though). For me the sheer bulk of most Harleys is what would stop me from choosing one for a custom build. But, as usual in the custom motorcycle scene, along comes a builder who proves me wrong.

This custom Harley Davidson is the work of Italian custom workshop “Passion 4 Custom”.  Not only has this bike thrown my “Harleys are bulky” theory out of the water it’s also a really well balanced mix of custom styles.

The clip-ons, Kawasaki tank and wasp tail seat are all unmistakably Cafe Racer influenced. The foot controls and the bikes stance suggest it’s of the Bobber breed and those lovely twin pipes, mounted high on the side are reminiscent of Scrambler styling.

The rear view of the bike is probably the one that impresses the most. Aside from the bars, pipes and rear shocks, the entire bike is about the same width as the rear tire!! Overall length has been (visually) reduced by chopping the rear loop, the seat cowl now functions as a rear fender, cables are minimised by removing gauges (who needs a speedo anyway?) and the rear indicators have been built in to the frame where the rear loop was removed. The weight reductions on this build would be huge so handling and  acceleration improvements and while it’s not going to handle like it’s on rails it could hold it’s own with many of the Japanese based builds we showcase here. 
The one word that comes to mind each time I look this bike is “tight”. It’s still not going to be for everyone but I’m sure a few Harley opinions will be wavering after seeing this post.