Debolex electric motorcycle

Sunday Screening – DeBolex Energica Eva

Today’s edition of Sunday Screening is brought to you by the chaps at The Bike Shed London. In this film, Ross from BSMC chats with  Calum Pryce-Tidd about the latest project to roll out of the DeBolex Engineering workshop. Built on an Energica Eva electric motorcycle platform the bike was created to celebrate the launch of Gareth Maxwell Roberts motorcycle documentary, ‘Oil in the Blood’. Whether you’re a fan of electric motorcycles or not you’re sure to appreciate the level of workmanship and detail that went into creating this machine. Grab yourself a beer, sit back and enjoy the show.

As Calum explains in the video the donor for the project, a streetfighter styled Energica Eva, is a 145bhp, 200Nm beast. The Eva project was commissioned by Dutch watchmaker TW Steel and was unveiled at the premiere of Oil and Blood. Since the Eva already boasted incredible performance DeBolex focused on aesthetics and upgrading some of the bike’s components such as wheels, controls and suspension. Their goal was to create a classically-inspired racer with a factory level of fit and finish. All of the bike’s bodywork started out as flat sheets of aluminium which was hand shaped to millimetre perfect proportions. The result is yet another incredible custom by one of the world’s top custom motorcycle workshops.


“Oil in the Blood is a documentary feature film on the contemporary custom motorcycle culture.”

The Oil in the Blood feature documentary isn’t yet available to view online in its entirety. For screening dates and times visit the Oil in the Blood website.

Debolex electric motorcycle