Ventus Garage

Ventus Garage

First of all Ventus Garage, it’s the people. Buddies, totally absorbed in the magic of motorcycle customising. In our daily life most of the time we spend on working on projects and meetings with our friends, who feel and think like we do. Exhibitions and other motorcycle events are a great opportunity to exchange views and valuable experience. But we think that Ventus Garage represents something more. It is also about travelling to unknown places in search of freedom, captured in photographs and movies.

Motorcycles are a huge part of our daily life if not the main part of it. But it wasn’t always like that. In the beginning, it was Snowboarding that got us all together. Yes, that’s right Ventus Garage was created by a group of mates who knew each other because of Snowboarding. We are talking about Matt Guzik and Tomasz Janicki because they are the ones who started all this back in autumn 2011.

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