Hugo Eccles from San Francisco's Untitled Motorcycles with a BMW custom
Photo courtesy of Sean ‘Speedy’ Donahue

Teaser: Builder Interview with Hugo Eccles from Untitled Motorcycles

Fame is a real litmus test. Think of it as a crucible that melts down a person to their base elements. Those that aren’t grounded and who have got to where they are through pretence and constructs are soon revealed as such thanks to the light and heat of all that damn attention. Try as they may, the pressure almost always cracks the facade.

But for those who are true and genuine, it falls off them like water off a larded duck’s back. You could even say that it’s more of a hindrance than anything. They clearly love what they do and the fame has come about not because of an insatiable desire to be famous, but instead it’s appeared through the sheer magnitude of their skills and the unbridled commitment they show to doing what they love. Having had the pleasure of knowing Hugo Eccles for a few years now, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he’s one of the latter. In spades. I spoke to him a few days ago; here’s what he had to say in between sips of beer.

Hugo Eccles from San Francisco's Untitled Motorcycles with a beer

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