Limey Bikes
900 Old Koenig Ln. Austin, Texas

Specializing in ONLY pre 1983 (with exceptions) Japanese and British vintage motorcycles. That’s all we do as we believe that shops should stick to what they are good at and not try to do everything just to make a buck.However, if your engine was designed in the 60′s or 70′s but manufactured in the 80′s… we will also be able to help. We offer full restorations, engine building, electrical, carburetor rebuilds, chassis upgrades, cafe racers, bobbers, street trackers or just maintenance to help keep these old machines on the road. We RARELY sell motorcycles, but we do have donors with titles and we will always be happy to build one up from scratch for you. The Limey does have a huge thing for the Yamaha XS650 and the 500 singles, so you could say it’s a specialty.

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