Cyclops BSA A7 Plate Armor Bobber

The Japanese custom motorcycle scene is without a doubt the most intriguing in the world. You only have to see images from some of the big shows like Mooneyes Yokohama and the Joints Custom Bike Show to know our friends from the East have it going on. Unfortunately distance, language barriers and a lack of online content make it difficult to gain access to details about these amazing bikes and so we’re sometimes left with little more than a few tasty photographs. In this particular instance the bike is an A7 BSA Bobber named ‘Plate Armor’ by Japanese workshop Cyclops Motorcycle.

The ’55 BSA A7 OHV Star Twin features custom frame modification with brazed brass welds and nickel plated engine details. Looking over the bike you’ll also spot some really neat custom made features such as the foot peg kickstand with a spring loaded locking mechanism, brass fixtures and copper lines, cloth wiring, and of course the super skinny girder front end and custom headlight.

The Kamikaze Chop Shop on the oil bag unfortunately didn’t return any more details on Google, so for now we will have to settle with what we can see here in the photos. Cyclops motorcycle will be yet another workshop to and to the long list of “must visit” workshops when I get over to Japan.