'XS700-R' by Café Racer SSpirit

Bike Of The Day: ‘XS700-R’ by Café Racer SSpirit

Cafe Racer SSpirit, located in San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa, is a motorcycle customization workshop founded in late 2014 by a family trio: Juan Carlos López, Hugo López, and Juan Pablo Santinelli. Their mission is to transform motorcycles into unique, aesthetically pleasing creations, enhancing the riding experience.

One of their project, the “XS700-R,” aimed to create a distinctive racing-inspired motorcycle reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s. This endeavor involved significant modifications, including a single seat, lowered handlebars, a racing exhaust, and adherence to street-legal standards. Notably, they employed 3D printing extensively for the body kit, except for the seat base due to its structural requirements. Collaborating with a local 3D Printing Company, Tumaker 3D, they scanned and printed the entire body kit.

Innovatively, Cafe Racer SSpirit plans to offer this kit to the public, complete with user-friendly assembly instructions, simplifying the installation process and sharing their unique design with enthusiasts.

Source: Yamaha Motors