Bike Of The Day: 1974 Honda CB750 by Alchemy Motorcycles

This 1974 Honda CB750 has a sleek Chalk Grey finish complemented by a black powder-coated frame. Its power comes from a 736cc inline-four engine paired with a five-speed transmission. The motorcycle was modified by Alchemy Motorcycles in San Diego, California.

Notable modifications made to the bike include the addition of a leather bump seat accompanied by an aluminum tail section. The exhaust system was upgraded to a Delkevic stainless-steel four-into-one setup, enhancing both performance and aesthetics.

The electrical system received enhancements in the form of Dynatek electronic ignition and coils, as well as a Rick’s regulator/rectifier. The front fender was shaved for a cleaner look, and clip-on handlebars were installed for a sportier riding position.

To improve the suspension, Hagon shocks were incorporated. The wheels were treated to a powder coating, adding durability and style. Lastly, the four Keihin carburetors were re-jetted to optimize engine performance.


Source: Bring A Trailer