Gull Craft Yamaha SR400 Cafe Racer

This Cafe Racer thumper hails from the Japanese workshop Gull Craft. It’s an extensively modified Yamaha SR400 Cafe Racer complete with a TT Cowl from Gull Craft’s own range of custom fairings. The SR features a complete custom set of bodywork from the mudguards to the seat and a tank and they’ve managed to get all the proportions just right.
 The tank is from a Moriwaki Zero X-7 which is a race-bred motorcycle manufacturer from Japan whose bikes you are very unlikely to find outside of Japanese shores. The tank was narrowed to fit the SR frame dimensions and features a one-off gas cap fabricated by the talented Gul Craft team.


In addition to the bodywork Gull Craft has replaced the factory blinkers with a set of brushed alloy Posh indicators, a single wasp tail seat wrapped in leather, straight-through exhaust to celebrate the engine note of the Yammy’s single cylinder powerhouse and a custom oil bag.

As with many bikes from our talented friends in Japan details are limited for this build, but who needs details when there are pictures to paw over? If you like this bike you’ll love the Gull Craft Suzuki 250cc Goose I featured early last year.